Welcome to the Malokaverse

A 3d landscape

100,000,000 meditators

On a mission to help one hundred million people meditate consistently.

Mindfulness is imperative to self-reflection and growth: two things we could all use more of. A consistent meditation practice helps teach us mindfulness, unlocking the key to better mental health and wellbeing.

Our creation story

The name Maloka is inspired by the Sanskrit words “Ma”, which represents creation, and “Loka”, which means world. These words perfectly summarize the intention for Maloka, which is to create an immersive world for exploration, reflection, healing, and play. We built the Malokaverse to help you become your own self-healer, and ultimately, to make our real world a better place.

Maloka founders

Bringing mindfulness to the metaverse

Meet Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz: wellness authors of Just Sit, philanthropists, and founders of Maloka, a modern way to bring more mindfulness and joy to the world.

After experiencing virtual reality’s ability to magically cultivate a sense of presence (without an enormous amount of effort), they realized its potential. Together, the meditation enthusiasts founded Maloka: a virtual world intended to bring mindfulness to millions.

Discover more about Sukey and Beth here.

Let the powers of Maloka spark your path toward a life filled with more joy, more love, and more shine.

Maloka founders

Founded in family; grown in love

Though sister-in-laws, Sukey and Beth have a close bond burned even stronger through their mutual love and appreciation for the beauty of the world.

The two have traveled the world to study meditation in every kind of classroom, from Lakota sweat lodges, to Indian ashrams, to vision quests in Chile, to Ram Dass retreats in Maui, to Tibet House in New York City.

Along their journey they drew on their individual and collective experiences to create the stunning world of Maloka: a world where constant input is silenced as you sink into the soothing universe, where the demands of the day-to-day can pause for just a few minutes, and where we can heal our bodies, minds, and spirits—if only for a few moments.