About Maloka

A consistent meditation practice teaches us mindfulness, which is the key to better mental health and wellbeing.

Our founders, wellness authors and philanthropists Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz (of Just Sit and The Well Daily), envision a world in which more people meditate. After experiencing VR's ability to magically cultivate a sense of presence without much effort, they were convinced that they needed to bring mindfulness to the metaverse. Learn more about our founders here.

The name Maloka is inspired by the Sanskrit words “Ma,” which represents creation, and “Loka,” which means “world.” These words perfectly summarize our intention for Maloka, which is to create an immersive world for exploration, reflection, healing, and play. This world is built to give you the tools to become your own self healer, and ultimately to make our real world a better place.

Maloka was designed to break down the barriers that hinder many of us from keeping up with our meditation practice. Set in the private island of your dreams, Maloka makes practicing mindfulness fun and playful with a cute spirit companion that evolves with you as you meditate consistently. Rewards, including luscious plants and interactive objects, allow you to customize your island and provide a little extra incentive to show up for yourself.

Maloka also helps you discover new ways to access meditative states - just sitting is not the only way! Through embodied movement, sound baths, or enchanting visuals, you can try new things and find the meditation portal that suits your mood or needs in the moment. Learn more about how Maloka helps overcome roadblocks to a consistent meditation practice here.

We are excited to support the “meditation curious” on their journey to self-discovery; and the journey doesn't end with VR. From our mobile apps to social platforms and vibrant communities, Maloka allows you to take your mindfulness practice and spirit companion with you anywhere.

Stay, play, and grow with us as we continue to create new mindfulness portals with the best leaders and facilitators in mindfulness.


Maloka meditation are guided by beautiful visuals. Experiences maximize activation of low Beta and Theta brain waves to induce a state of flow.

Evolve your spirit

As you meditate, your spirit evolves from cute and clueless to mindful and mighty.

Maloka Meditative Island

Design your meditative island

Practice consistently and watch your island flourish into a vibrant oasis filled with plants, sculptures, and more.