Where mindfulness meets play

Transport to your own meditative island, meet your spirit companion and explore mindfulness portals designed by experts.

On a mission to 100,000,000 meditators

Mindfulness is imperative to self-reflection and growth: two things we could all use more of. A consistent meditation practice helps teach us mindfulness, unlocking the key to better mental health and wellbeing.

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An immersive meditation journey

Unite with your own island and spirit companion in an immersive world of mindfulness. Portals guide you through a variety of experiences, from visual meditations to sound baths and so much more. The more you practice, the more your island and spirit grow and evolve.

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Nourish your spirit on the go

Take your spirit companion and library of mindfulness experiences with you everywhere you go. Consistent meditation enables you to gain energy and nourish your spirit. Keep track of your progress and maintain your mindfulness streak!

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Our mindfulness partners

Experience your virtual reality mindfulness journey with world-renowned inspirational teachers, creators, and mindfulness leaders.

"I believe my role is to help you clean some of the dirt off the mirror so that you can see yourself reflected as you truly are: brilliant, imperfect, full of primordial goodness and love."

Liza Kindred

"Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope - a slight change, and all patterns alter. Mindfulness isn't difficult, we just need to remember to do it."

Sharon Salzberg
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Incredible Meditation Experience

I have always wanted to meditate and have had trouble actually sticking with it. This is the first app that has worked for me. It is stunningly beautiful and the meditation method is simple to follow. I just finished 7 days in a row and am seeing the benefits!

Kim G.

Kim G.

Best VR Meditation App

TL;DR: Thank you for developing Maloka, it is awesome! If you are reading this, what are you waiting for? Download the app already! This is by far the best VR Meditation App I have found. The island is beautiful, the meditations are very immersive.



Excellent meditation app

It's hard to fault this app, really. I don't know how it is available for free - I would certainly be happy to pay up-front for this. The island is beautifully done, and as you gather rewards and begin to personalise it, it is a surprisingly pleasant place to hang in.

Jonathan C.

Jonathan C.

Excellent VR Experience

Maloka is everything you’d want and more from a VR meditation app. No clunky menus to navigate through - just really good game design which makes interacting with this world feel totally natural. This is what VR is all about.



One of the most relaxing apps

Has great options for all different types of meditation as well as other forms of sound healing, and natural body exercise. The vortex is extremely relaxing and calming. It works great for anxiety and mental health.



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Practice meditation with play in the mindful metaverse.

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