Welcome to the Malokaverse

A 3d landscape
A cute spirit
Your spirit is your personal guide throughout the Malokaverse

Explore a magical world of meditation

Close your eyes, and imagine a mystical place where soft pink leaves gently sway in the breeze, enchanting rocks glow with mystery, and a cheerful little spirit beckons.

This is the world of Maloka, where practicing mindfulness is the most peaceful part of your day, and your ever-so-adorable spirit companion evolves with you as you consistently meditate. Show up for yourself for daily meditations and receive joyful rewards to revitalize your island as you work towards your goals.

A magical virtual reality landscape

Discover your mindfulness style

Maloka helps you explore new ways to access meditative states beyond just sitting quietly. Through embodied movement, sound baths, and enchanting visuals, you can experiment and seek out the meditation portal that suits your mood or needs.

As you explore in-game VR and mobile experiences, you’ll meet expert guides and practitioners from around the world, like Deepak Chopra, Max Lowenstein, and Melini Jesudason, who will take you through guided programs meant to open your mind, body, and heart.

Maloka app on mobile devices

For the expert and the curious alike

There’s no entry requirement into the world of Maloka: beginners, novices, and professional meditators are all welcome!

The Malokaverse is best experienced via virtual reality and an Oculus headset for a fully immersive experience; however, we also support mindfulness wherever you are (emotionally, yes; but in this case, physically!). The Maloka app is available for both iPhones and Android, and we have an active community on Discord, meaning you can bring your mindfulness practice and spirit companion with you anywhere you go.

Stay, play, and grow with us as we create new mindfulness experiences for you to enjoy

A 3d spirit guide
A 3d spirit guide
A cute spirit guide
A cute spirit guide

(We told you they were super-cute)

As you practice, your spirit evolves from cute and clueless to mindful and mighty.