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Meet The Maloka Founders

 Maloka Founders
Sukey & Beth, Maloka Founders

Hi lovely Malokis!

We are Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz, the two founders of Maloka. 

We’ve been lucky enough to travel across the world to study meditation in every kind of classroom, from Lakota sweat lodges to ashrams in India, vision quests in Chile, Ram Dass retreats in Maui, to Tibet House at home in New York City.

Along this journey, we learned from many renowned teachers, including Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Ram Dass, Amma, various monks in India, and multiple shamans in South America. 

Together, we drew on our individual and collective experiences, and those of our friends and family to create Maloka. Our hope is that the three powers of Maloka - Life, Spirit, and the Universe will help spark your path towards a life filled with more joy, more love and more shine.

Our favorite meditation experience

Retreat in Fiji - all we did was laugh for ten days. We literally fell out of chairs, on the floor, rolling with laughter - multiple times a day. What was it that we had to fly 25 hours away to give ourselves permission to let go? We must have had a lot of constraints and somehow, being on that island, so far from our normal lives allowed us to drop the resistance and see the humor in everything. We may not have done a lot of meditating but we came back glowing.

We learnt how to make our lives sacred and how to always choose magic.

Our favorite features of Maloka

Sukey: Spirit - because it’s like having a pet to take care of. And, he is so cute that I want to do things for him. Even days where I don’t feel like meditating I still do because I do it for my Spirit.

Beth: Vortex - It’s a brain bath - all soothing and letting go with ease.

Our views on meditation

There is just not one way to do this. And rules don’t make it better or make you do it right. There is no doing it right. Learning to trust our intuition and that inner abiding with all of this has been the biggest lesson - we (humans) know exactly what we need. We just have to pay attention and keep our hearts open. 

Our advice on playing Maloka

  • Stay a little bit longer than you want to.
  • Consistency - use it every day.
  • Forgive yourself when you don’t.

Our vision for Maloka

Maloka is an expression of your inner self flourishing. We see it as a tool to help people evolve their inner world and to heal themselves from any pain or suffering.

We love you and wish to see your light shine bright.