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Why practice VR Meditation With Play?

But first, why practice at all?

There have been countless studies and conversations on the benefits of meditation. We know them intellectually, but let’s feel them for a bit. Stay with me..

You are still. You connect with your breath.

You notice your body soften as the stickiness in your body starts to melt away.

Your breath starts to deepen.  

Your nervous system thanks you for inviting stillness and fuller breaths into your physical body. It feels recalibrated.

Your mind and entire body are not in fight or flight mode anymore, consciously or subconsciously reacting to modern day stressors.

In this space of stillness and relaxation, you begin your journey to mindfulness, which is a way of being a better observer of your thoughts and emotions.

Here, the journey to deeper self awareness begins. Your path to getting closer to the love and wisdom that lives within you is within reach.

And this is why we meditate, friends.

So we know meditation has benefits, but is it accessible to all?

Why must something so good be so hard to do on a consistent basis for some humans?

Here are a few thoughts I had..

Inability to relax

Humans are all unique and beautiful beings, each with their own individual needs, desires, limitations and experiences. For some, it could seem like they never get to that relaxed state during meditation. Sitting down and connecting to their breath may simply not be enough. It may be hard to find ease because they may still be reacting to stressors, as these whirl about in their heads, causing worry and stress. Getting to that relaxed state may seem impossible. And they throw in the towel and think ´Meditation isn't for me´. Le sigh.


There are many preconceived notions about meditation. A common one is that the goal during practice is to eliminate thoughts completely. That is a little misguided. How would you observe your thoughts if you were not having any? That’s right. You are meant to observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations in your bodies. There is so much key information in there, you just need to allow yourself the space to listen.

Lack of motivation

And who else finds it easy to let their meditation practice slip? Don’t worry, it is quite common. With so many distractions around and endless to do lists,  it can be challenging to motivate yourself to practice.

Limited options

What if sitting still was not the only way to meditate? What if you could reach meditate states in other ways? Like moving mindfully, breathing mindfully, etc? There are different access points to reach that meditative state and some that we respond better to than others, or need more than others. It is time to honor the fluidity of our human nature.

Why must it be so serious?!

There has been a level of seriousness built into meditation. Infusing play, joy and laughter into your lives is healing too. Could we be more motivated to keep a consistent practice if it was more playful and fun?

Is VR the answer some of us need?

Virtual Reality instantly transports you to be immersed in surroundings that are soothing to the eyes and ears. You don’t have to imagine a safe space, you are in one. This 2020 study, in which 37 participants tried a VR meditation app, concluded that ¨VR helped them to focus on the present moment by using visual and auditory elements of VR as attentional anchors.¨ This makes that meditative state some of us find challenging to achieve, possible.

Research has also shown that VR mindfulness meditation significantly helps reduce anxiety symptoms and reactivity to stress.

But is the VR meditation experience enough to bolt us all into meditating everyday?

Maloka Meditation Island
Mindfulness Meditation

Enter Maloka

Maloka was designed to combine the benefits of meditation with those of VR’s multi-sensory experience, but with added bonuses below to make meditation even more accessible…and magical ✨


Maloka´s vibe is one of flowing, rather than forcing. It is one of openness, rather than rigidity. We want you to find joy and playfulness in your practice. It keeps you coming back for more.


With Maloka, you are able to reach a state of steadiness and ease through traditional meditation, embodied movement, sound, light, breath and more. We want you to be true to yourself and find what works for you. The experience is meant to spark your curiosity and joy. Let it all unfold.


The more you practice, you get rewarded with plants, sculptures and other-worldly portals. This is meant to motivate you and keep you accountable.


You are transported to your own unique island. This island is a reflection of your mind which flourishes with rewards as you continue your journey. Within each meditative portal, you can adjust breathing pace and visual intensity to suit you.


And finally, cute spirits from the Maloka mindful metaverse become your companions and guide on your journey to self. Feed and grow your spirit by continuing your practice and showing how far you have come.

If you haven’t yet, try it. It is available on Quest VR and on mobile on iOS and Google Play. Join us in the mindful metaverse where your meditation practice becomes simpler and more joyful.