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Mind, body, spirit

Our beautiful journey is coming to an end

Hello Maloka Explorers,

We are reaching out with heavy hearts to share some news about Maloka.

In 2021 we set out to build a VR and mobile game that would make mindfulness fun and rewarding in hopes that it could bring the healing power of meditation to new audiences.

Since that time, nearly half a million of you have downloaded Maloka. You’ve shared your stories, feedback, island screenshots, and practice with us in a way that has warmed our hearts and motivated us to wake up and continue creating new experiences for you every single day.

Your reviews and stories have confirmed our belief that virtual reality can be an incredible tool for healing, immersing you into new worlds that have the power to change your state with a great deal of ease, cultivate a natural sense of focus, and evoke deep emotions.

At the same time, virtual reality is still just getting started. It has been our privilege to be an early innovator in VR wellness, but being an early mover has also come with its share of challenges when it comes to building and funding a healthy business. Because of some of those challenges, we have made the difficult decision to bring our journey to an end.

We’d like to offer our community the opportunity to visit your islands and your spirits at least once more before this beautiful adventure comes to a close; so our apps will remain available on all platforms until the end of the day on Sunday June 18th.

We know that this news may be as disappointing to receive as it is for us to share. In the words of our valued partner Sharon Salzberg, “When we learn to respond to disappointments with acceptance, we give ourselves the space to realize that all our experiences - good and bad alike - are opportunities to learn and grow.”

We hope that this may serve as an opportunity to explore new tools and resources to help you to continue pursuing mindfulness in your life, so we’ve put together a list of our favorites to share with you below this note. The list includes many of the partners who have created experiences inside Maloka.

We wish each member of this community ongoing peace and prosperity. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at hello@playmaloka.com.

With gratitude,

Sukey & Beth Novogratz and the Maloka Team