Meet Melini: Reiki Expert

Melini Jesudason, reiki master and yoga teacher

Meet Melini, a yoga, reiki, and psychic guide and the expert behind some of our meditations (reiki, body scan) on Maloka. Through her work, Melini hopes to help people connect to their authentic selves and to their purpose through mindfulness practices that bring clarity and healing.

Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, Sydney and Singapore, Melini’s whole life was an exercise in non-attachment. After realizing her soul was clamoring for more than what her investment banking career offered, she went onto become an acclaimed yoga teacher before stepping into her power as an energy healer.

Curious about the intersection of technology and consciousness, Melini sees endless possibilities for meditation with multi-sensory experiences in the digital realm, especially for beginners. She believes these experiences allow you to stay focused and less distracted when trying to build a mindfulness practice.

During a reiki meditation, you receive an energetic transmission with a gentle yet powerful healing impact on a physical, mental and emotional level, releasing blockages stemming from past traumas or programming that may be holding you back from tapping into your potential. With this practice, you cultivate more strength to deal with whatever life throws at you. Melini sees the potential of mankind raising its collective vibration if we all practiced this method consistently. It is a powerful thought, and one we feel aligned with at Maloka.

Melini’s personal practice includes lots of alone time, reading, meditating and connecting with spirit. Being in nature, going for walks, gentle yoga and consuming clean, high vibration foods also helps her feel most like herself. To ground herself, she visualizes a grounding cord attached to her root chakra that connects her to the earth. She then lets any thoughts or feelings that aren’t serving her go down the grounding cord and into the earth. That energy gets transmuted into something new.

Her advice to the Maloka community is: “There is no preparation necessary for this meditation, and no right or wrong way to do it. You simply show up. Perfection is a myth, and you’re always lovable and worthy no matter what. The less time you spend worrying about what you’re doing, the more space you have to actually do it. The specific tools you are drawn to on the platform will shift as your priorities shift. Trust the process!”

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