Meet Gregorio & Andrea: Breathwork Experts

Andrea and Gregorio followed their hearts and 8 months after their first kiss they got married. What solidified their union was sharing the same purpose in life, which is to help bring balance and joy to humanity and the planet. Through their breathwork program, The Breath of One, they support people in their personal transformation to unlock their limitless potential. Seamlessly blending their unique energies to guide people through profound journeys of self-discovery, divine love is at the core of everything they create. 

Gregorio is a Fulbright Scholar, a spiritual activator, a transformational coach, and the founder of the Breath Of One. He explored 68 countries, and attended over 50 retreats, often teaching, always learning. He spoke on stages all around the world, bringing the Breath of One to over 7,000 people. After receiving his Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan, where he also assisted in teaching, he paused his academic career to follow his heart and embrace a new life. Trusting his intuition, he took a leap of faith and created the life of his wildest dreams, and he guides others on how to pursue their dream life as well. 

Andrea’s unique creative essence is reflected in her work as the co-founder of Breath Of One, wellness and self-love coach, meditation teacher, and creative branding consultant.  After 10 years of working as a Global Product Manager in the beauty industry for brands like L'oreal, Calvin Klein, and Victoria's Secret, her desires, lifestyle, and values began to change. Today, her life purpose is to support people to embody their best self through wellbeing and self-love, to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

Andrea and Gregorio have combined their unique gifts to design more than a meditation program for Maloka. As an extension of their life purpose, they created dynamic meditative experiences to shift people’s lives into a higher state of being and to embody their best selves. 

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