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Meditation IRL

Med Gala: A Mindful Celebration

At Maloka, we take our ethos of #practicemeetsplay very seriously.

Maloka was a proud sponsor of the first ever Med Gala on May 5th, 2022. The Gala, presented by wellness leaders Three Jewels, The Big Quiet and Open, raised funds to make meditation more accessible through scholarship programs and community events (more details here.) We were honored to join hands with this incredible initiative that truly aligns with our mission to help 100 million people meditate as a pathway to healing and growth. 

A first-of-its-kind red carpet benefit, the Med Gala brought together a global community of brands & individuals who believe in the power of meditation to unlock human potential. Guests were invited to dress as their “most enlightened self” to experience breath work led by Manoj Dias, meditation and sound bath with Jesse Israel and Jackie Cantwell of The Big Quiet, live music by Ryx, Indigo Sparke and Gavin Turek, dance Parties by dybrkr, and so much more. We’re not sure which was more epic - the outfits, or the incredible on-stage experiences.

Along with all these incredible experiences, Maloka had the opportunity to create our first experiential version of a Maloka portal “IRL.” Guests who stepped into the Maloka portal were greeted by Life and the Universe, adorned in magical costumes. Once inside, they could choose from gazing into a vortex projection, dawning a pair of headphones for a personal sound bath, or just spending time relaxing and soaking up all of the ethereal vibes.

Maloka Portal "IRL"

The event was a momentous celebration of community coming together in support for collective wellbeing, illustrating that the journey to better mental health does not have to be alone, and that play and joy are essential elements to healing as well. We connected, danced, and communed with each other, as vibrations of love, freedom and peace pulsated through our souls. Basically, we were in heaven. It was truly unforgettable!

One of the highlights for us was a special on-stage announcement by our founders, Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz, about the Hundred Million Meditators Manifesto. The Manifesto outlines a vision and call to action for people, businesses and organizations to collectively commit to and intentionally work towards a brighter and more mindful future for the metaverse. Hearing a room of people cheer for a more mindful future nearly made our hearts explode. Here is one of our favorite excerpts:

¨A massive wave of meditators is an extremely effective way to instill confidence in wide scale change. It is only through intentionality and kindness that we can make sure that our future, and this new world that we call the metaverse, is truly built with mindfulness and space for mental health.¨

Sukey and Elizabeth, announcing Hundred Million Meditators Manifesto

Our passion to create a world of wellness goes beyond the digital world. We look forward to bringing more meditative experiences for our community in the real world. Stay tuned!